Choose a study abroad programme and apply in 4 steps

A 4-step guide to applying for an university course abroad

Step 1. Choose a programme

Abroad or at home, online or offline. It doesn’t matter. What matters is that the programme meets the following 5 criteria:

Program Quality

Don’t go for just any university or college! Compare the options that are available
by graduate and student reviews, relevant rankings, etc

Job Opportunities

How easy or difficult will it be for you to find
a job upon graduation? Is International Relations really a good option for the job market?

Your Goals

Where are you headed? What do you want to achieve from your education?

Your Background

Have you already studied in an undergraduate programme, or have you just completed high school?

Your Budget

We get it! No one wants to think about budgets, but they are really important to ensure your success.

Step 1

Choose 5 programmes to apply for

Step 1

Choose 5 programmes to apply for

Step 1

Choose 5 programmes to apply for

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The City Campus is right in the heart of Auckland. You will be within walking distance of


The City Campus is right in the heart of Auckland. You will be within walking distance of


The City Campus is right in the heart of Auckland. You will be within walking distance of


The City Campus is right in the heart of Auckland. You will be within walking distance of


Step 2. Consider Scholarships

Opportunities for financial assistance

Merit/Academic Success

These scholarships are usually offered to students who have already demonstrated outstanding achievements in academia and other fields. They are often very competitive and offer the highest fee reduction schemes.
Te Paewai o te Rangi: The University of Waikato Scholarship for Outstanding Academic Achievement

Programme Specific

Some bursaries are offered only if you choose a specific programme at the university. This is done to attract more students to the less popular courses that play an essential role in society, like teaching and childcare.
Postgrad Solutions Study Bursary at the University of Glasgow

Financial needs

If you can’t cover the fees due to your financial situation, some universities will help you!

University of Auckland Gwynn Duncan Medical Scholarship

Sports / Athletic

More common in the USA than elsewhere, these scholarships are awarded to outstanding athletes. If you want to apply for a sports scholarship at an American university or college, you should contact uni coaches before the application period starts.

Women’s Swimming and Diving Scholarship at Virginia Tech.

Merit/Academic Success

Some countries use soft power to build bridges with other nations. Supporting international students is one of the soft power tools. There are scholarships offered both by the governments of students' origin and the countries where students study.
Chevening Scholarship by the UK Government

Offered by international organizations

Large international political, financial, cultural, and social organizations support talented international students who struggle financially.
World Bank Scholarship

Business sponsored

If a company is not tied with any particular university, they might offer grantsto support you at any school you choose.

Schlumberger Foundation. Faculty for the Future Awards

Provided by NGOs

Non-ProfitOrganisations that support international mobility for social causes offer bursaries to students.

International Scholarship by Rotary

Research Based Scholarships

Common for Ph.D. or Masters by research. These scholarships are usually funded by large companies or foundations interested in the research you want to conduct. You usually get money not only for the research but also for living expenses.

Example: Kummer Innovation and Entrepreneurship Doctoral Fellows Program Sponsored by a company/organization but within one university

Sponsored by company/organization

In some cases, big companies like Nestle or well-established NGOs like
the Gates Foundation sponsor less privileged talented students at
prestigious universities.

Example: Gates Cambridge Scholarships for International Students

Step 3. Know Visa Requirements

Information related to applying for student visas

Please, check out the most up-to-date information on student visa requirements on the following websites:

New Zealand Immigration - Fee Paying Student VisaExplore visa options for studying in AustraliaApplying for Student Visa in UKVisa Information for Students - USA

*In most cases, you will need a student visa if you are planning to study abroad and your course is for 3 months or longer.

Step 4. Apply





Step 4. Apply

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