Universities in New Zealand

8 NZ Universities

The University of Auckland

Auckland , NZ

The University of Canterbury

Christchurch, NZ

The University of Otago

Otago , NZ

The University of Waikato

Multiple locations

Victoria University of Wellington

Wellington , NZ

Auckland University of Technology

Auckland , NZ

Massey University

Multiple locations

Lincoln University

Christchurch, NZ


NZ universities in numbers

8 University

in New Zealand


Number of Students


Number of International Students

1 University

per 59,000 Students

Education Level Framework

Education providers offer qualifications at levels ranging between 1 and 10 as per the NZQF (the New Zealand Qualification Framework), where 10 is the most advanced option

Qualifications on the framework lay out a clear pathway to the level of knowledge and skills you will have gained when you graduate and what further education and employment opportunities the qualification could lead to.

As a high school leaver, you usually start with a Diploma Level 5 or Bachelor’s Degree. After a bachelor’s degree, you can pursue a Level 7 or 8 Diploma programme or a Master’s degree.






post graduate certificate

post graduate diploma

Doctoral Degree


post graduate certificate

post graduate diploma

Masters Degree


Post Graduate Certificate

Post Graduate Diploma

Bachelors Honours Degree


Graduate Certificate

Graduate Diploma

Bachelors Degree



















Certificates (level 1-8)

Usually 6-8 months long, certificates are for those who want to learn a new profession or dive deeper into their current industry. Available for
domestic students and not always open for international applicants unless the certificate is also offered online.

Diplomas (level 5-8)

The length range is between 1 and 2 years. It is an excellent option for high school leavers or recent university graduates who want to get into the
programmes that allow a fast transition into the job market. Not suitable for science-heavy professions.

Undergraduate Degrees (level 7)

These are usually bachelor’s degrees that can be completed within 3-4 years of study. In some cases, international students are required to
take a Foundation Course before starting their degree

Post-graduate Degrees (level 8-10)

Masters and Ph.D. programmes that are an excellent option for career growth or entering the world of academia.

Over  425 institutions of tertiary education

Tertiary education in New Zealand is delivered not only by universities, but also by:

    • New Zealand Institute of Skills and Technology (NZIST)

    • Wānanga

    • Private Training Establishments.

    Universities in comparison to other types of NZ institutions


    Did you know?

    Great variety of agriculture and green energy programmes
    Being one of the world leaders in agriculture and green energy, New Zealand offers
    a wide variety of programmes where you can learn about wineries and solar panels.

    8 Universities
    There are a total of 8 Universities in
    New Zealand.

    International Students
    There are over 13,000 enrolled international students in the eight universities

    Te Pūkenga (New Zealand Institute of Skills and Technology)

    Te Pūkenga brings together the existing 16 Institutes of Technology and Polytechnics (ITPs) into one organisation, and over time, will develop the capability to support work-based, campus-based and online learning as a unified system.

    Did you know?

    Practical Skills
    Courses are more vocationally oriented, emphasizing practical experience and application to work situations.

    International Students
    There are over 6,000 enrolled international students in these institutes (as of Jan 2021)


    Wānanga is an indigenous tertiary education provider that offers teaching and learning environments based on Māori values and principles.

    Did you know?

    Total 3 Wānanga
    There are 3 Wānanga in New Zealand, with over 35,000 enrolled students.

    Making a difference - Indigenous Education
    48% of Maori are first in the family to graduate from a university.
    Almost half of the recent Māori university graduates were the first in their families to attend university, one-third are parents,
    and 70% are female.

    Private Training Institutions and English language schools

    Did you know?

    Niche Education
    Private Training Establishments (PTEs) are generally specific to English language learning or niche occupations such as travel, tourism, design, and ICT.

    Over 600 Institutes
    There are over 600 Private training institutions and English language schools in New Zealand

    International Students
    These institutes have over 7,000 international students
    (as of Jan 2021).

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