Career Interest Assessment

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Choose a career you can flourish in!

Choosing a career that is sustainable, meaningful and one that makes you happy, can be tough. Understanding all the career options out there can be overwhelming. We get it, and that’s why we got you. At Swivel Careers, we will help you decide your career outcomes, so you know where you are going.Some years later, while graduating high school, we hear the sentiment ‘do what you love, and you’ll never work another day in your life’, a countless time. Again, finding a career that we are wildly passionate about, may not always make our life a big tropical vacation.

What is crucial is to identify career interests that are unique to every individual and echo our preferences for certain activities. When the career we choose to pursue is aligned with our interest, we are motivated to perform better. Develop ourselves further with relevant knowledge and skills and set higher goals for ourselves.At Swivel Careers, we help you identify your interests and choose a career that would be most suitable for you. The first step is to evaluate or assess your skills and passions through a structured online occupational interest test. The test can easily identify and help you design your future by recognising the infinite possibilities in you that you often do not realise yourself.

What is Career Interest Assessment?

Occupational Interest Test is a great place to start to identify areas of interest. We believe when we choose a career that we fit in well, we flourish. This test helps students analyse their personalities and focuses on career and vocational choices, by grouping them based on their suitability for six categories of occupations. It allows identifying not just their strengths but areas of weaknesses too, so that a student can do what they are good at and love to do and are more successful in achieving their personal goals.

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Examples of career choices by personality types:

  • Realistic – Mechanic, Technician
  • Investigative – Researcher, Scientist
  • Enterprising – Sales, Marketing
  • Artistic – Designer, Writer
  • Social – Nurse, Teacher
  • Conventional – Accounting, Administration
Take Test Only for NZ$39
Use the code "UNIQCAREER" at the checkout to avail the special price
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