How to choose a study abroad agent


Whether you are a fresh college graduate or a professional, search for higher studies abroad, takes a lot of time and effort. To choose the right study abroad path among plenty of study programs all over the world, is not easy. More so, when you are in your home country and the university or programme of choice is not the only decision you have to make.

On this page you will find the following information:

Key points to consider before contacting a study abroad agent

When selecting an education agent, check the following:

1. Education Institute Partnerships

Majority of study agents have agreements with universities so you can start filtering the agent by checking what type of universities they are closely working with. Partnership with a top-university is a mark of quality. If most of these partners are private schools with no major world rankings, it may not be the right choice. These universities pay a high commission to the agents for getting international students admitted. The agents often focus more on promoting such educators rather than providing you with the best study option.

The Uniqway team aim to provide students with the best offer, that is just right for you, explore and check our platform to make sure.

2. Partnerships with key support groups

Uniqway also partners  with other institutions and support groups from various countries that help international students to integrate better in their new life. For example, for the New Zealand market, we are connected with Homepage :: Careers New Zealand  - a database maintained by the government that helps discover career possibilities to explore the job market. These associations provide a holistic approach to living and embracing a foreign life.

3. Accreditations

There are several associations like British Council, UK NARIC, UCAS, PIER or ICEF dedicated to assess the quality of study agents so you can be sure you are protected if you are working with the agent trained by these bodies. So before choosing an agent, check which organisations they have been accredited by. Uniqway is working only with trusted and accredited agencies.

4. Universities' contacts

You can also search on the university's website for the contacts of approved study agents or request the list of university representatives in your region, by mailing directly to the university. You can find Uniqway partners listed with all major institutions.

5. Questions & References

The best way to learn about a study abroad consultant is to do your own research - browse the website, social media, check the references. Ask for the contacts of previous students to get a first-person assessment. Don’t be shy to request the agent for details and their enrollment rates, as it is one of the key metrics.

Besides that, put your mind to what the agent is promising to you - if it’s a 100% guarantee of your admission, visa approval, job and permanent residency - then RUN! No one can provide you with that.

A well qualified and certified agent, with a good track record will do their best to increase your chances of enrollment. It is up to you to decide whether to take the services of a study abroad agent or not. Should you decide to take help from an agent, it would definitely get you more prepared and take well informed decisions.

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Search for university programmes in US, UK, AUS & NZ